Back in 2012, we ran one of my all time favorite sessions at House Studios (DC). We were working with 2 talented artists, Javier Starks and Abir Haronni. Both had the potential to be superstars and were regulars at the studio. 

I also struck up a friendship with a talented MC from my hometown (Gaithersburg, MD) named Logic. Logic had started making noise on a local level, and spoke often of the impact he knew he would have if he stuck to “The Plan”. There was something special about Logic, and after a few failed attempts, we finally got a collaboration with Javier and Logic. 

The track was produced by David Knocks (although he didn’t go by this name yet) and featured a high school aged Abir on the hook. Javier and Logic went back and forth writing and recording, while Simon (Kimshimwon) captured the moment. 

This $5MusicVideo gives us a glimpse into the launch of a young group of talented creatives who would all go on to make an impact in their own unique way.

 – Yudu Gray Jr, Founder House Studios