‘Begonias’ is a classic rock time capsule. The term, ‘classic rock’, was invented to refer to the radio format on which music ranging from the late 1960s to the late 1980s was, and still is, broadcasted. But as streaming becomes increasingly prevalent; as radio continues to decline; and as a new generation of music listeners begins to recognize something else as ‘classic’, what is today known as ‘classic rock’ feels more vulnerable than ever. As the times continue to change, and as music consumption evolves, we’ll need to develop new methods for maintaining this music’s relevancy. It’s probably safe to say that ‘Oldchella’ is not the solution. So, these are among the songs and artists that our kids have got to hear, when there is no radio, when our folks won’t be here to talk about how much better their music was than ours. ‘Begonias’ is an effort to preserve something classic.