A quantitatively minded blog aimed at solving complex, Millennial problems.

In the digital age, information is kept as brief and easy to digest as possible. Because we’re told that we don’t have time to sit down and contemplate our most complicated problems. It’s easier to just accept other people’s opinions. To agree with their solutions.

However, I find this limiting.

In math class, we never learned by peeking at the solution. We only truly understood a subject when we had to prove our answers. In a superficially illogical world, I believe we need quantitative thinking to approach our generations increasingly complex questions. Solving for Gen Y’s purpose is to begin this process. To help us re-think how to solve using logic and analysis, rather than oversimplified opinion and commonly held beliefs. With a mathematical mindset, I know we’ll be able to prove anything. One variable at a time.

Some other useful information:

·         I don’t believe in posting frequently to “keep people engaged”. I write when I have something interesting and logical to say. This isn’t a full time job so my turn around time is typically 2-4 weeks. 

·         While the post topics seem random, you’ll notice some consistent themes. One of which is randomness.

·         I tend to write between 1,000-2,000 words which is roughly 5-10 mins of reading.

·         There are two categories of posts: Quick Reads and Deep Thoughts. Quick Reads tend to be shorter and less mathematically complex. Deep Thoughts are longer, involve bigger picture subjects and are more difficult for me to concisely explain. 

·         If you look closely at the posts cover photo’s you’ll see that some have hidden messages. Including the dimensions of the photos themselves.

·         If you like the content, then please recommend to friends you think will enjoy it. If you don’t, and have some constructive criticism, please let me know.

·         If you don’t like it and don’t have constructive criticism, then I think this thought provoking video will change your mind.